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It is used in the cleaning of leather, vinyl, panzot, floor, seat and plastic surfaces in vehicles. The carpet can be used as a stain remover after washing and domestic cleaning. The used surface is discolored and does not deform.

Directions for use: For use in car seats, ceilings, upholstery cleaning, 1 liter of product can be mixed with water up to 10 liters of water depending on the density of the lacquer.

Depending on dirt density, 1 liter product can be mixed with water at 30-35 C up to 5 liters for use in roller screen washing process. The roller is sprayed on the curtain. After 10 minutes wait, brush slowly with a soft auto brush and rinse.

During the carpet washing process, it is used as a stain remover by concentrating on the stain.

It is used as a direct stain remover during the last control packaging in carpet washing plants. During the final packaging test before using delicate carpets such as woven woolen carpets, silk carpets, Nepalese carpets and silk carpets.


It can be used during washing of the seat in domestic cleaning process. For washing, 1 liter of product can be mixed with up to 20 liters of water. Spray on the seat, brush with a brush and vacuum. The stain removal process can be done by spraying concentrate on the overly stained areas.