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Platinium Carpet Shampoo


Wieberr carpet shampoo is a concentrated product that you can use safely in all the rooms. Neutral pH values and amphoteric structure ensure easy rinsing of your carpets. Thanks to the special formula of Wieberr carpet shampoo, it provides easy rinsing while cleaning stains and dirt with plenty of foam. Your car has gained a soft and brighter appearance. Does not leave detergent residue on the carpet

Instructions : 1 liter carpet shampoo can be mixed with 100 liters of water for use in AUTOMATIC carpet washing machines. Washing can be done by mixing 1 liter of carpet shampoo with 50 liters of water for use in hand-held floor washing machines.

You can wash your carpets up to 3000 m2 with 20 liters carpet shampoo in automatic machine washing process.

You can wash your carpet up to 1500 m2 with 20 liters carpet shampoo in washing process with hand-made machine.

It can be used during washing of the seat in domestic cleaning process. For washing, 1 liter of product can be mixed with 30 liters of water. Spray on the seat, brush with a brush and vacuum. The stain removal process can be done by spraying concentrate on the overly stained areas.


Can be used safely in all kinds of carpets.