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Easy Clean


EASY CLEAN stain remover is a carpet cleaning product you can use safely in wool, shaggy, synthetic, hand knotted, Nepal rugs as well as in chair fabric and leather product derivatives. It helps to remove various stains of ink, magic marker dye, ketchup, oil, dirt and fruit juice. Spray it on the stain and wipe it up. If the stain is a fresh one it will be well removed by first application. If the stain is old spray it on and wipe in 30 minutes. The stain will be removed. You can use this cleaner as the last step stain remover when the carpets are dry.

In order to clean moldy carpet, spray on moldy spot and wash it by brushing in 2 hours.

If the colors of carpet are melded mix 10 liters of wieberr easy clean with 20 liters of water, pour the mixture on the carpet evenly and brush it. Rinse the carpet with water by brushing in 2 hours.


The product can not guarantee to clean all types of stains.