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For use in car seats, ceilings, upholstery cleaning, 1 liter of product can be mixed with water up to 10 liters of water depending on the density of the lacquer.

    Depending on dirt density, 1 liter product can be mixed with water at 30-35 C up to 5 liters for use in roller screen washing process. The roller is sprayed on the curtain. After 10 minutes wait, brush slowly with a soft auto brush and rinse.

    It can be used during washing of the seat in domestic cleaning process. For washing, 1 liter of product can be mixed with up to 20 liters of water. Spray on the seat, brush with a brush and vacuum.

    To remove the stains on the carpet, 1 cup of water 50, put 2 teaspoon cleaner powder into the water at -60 C temperature. Mix with the help of a spoon. Continue until bubbling is over. Put the resulting foam and water on the stained area, brush it after waiting for 1 minute, wash the carpet or draw the water with vacuum. If the stain does not come out, repeat the procedure. In delicate conditions, use water temperature 30-35 C during use.


    During the final packing test before using delicate carpets such as woven woolen carpets, silk carpets, Nepalese carpets.